Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Coach? What's That? Is that like a Financial Advisor that refuses to wear a tie?

Yes and no. I do refuse to wear a tie, but it's got nothing to do with being a financial coach. An advisor is licensed to provide advice & sell investments. As a coach, I'm not licensed to do any of that. My job is to educate, support, & hold you accountable so that your relationship with money is aligned with your values.

If an advisor is licensed to give me advice on stocks, why don't I just go to them for all of my money needs?

Financial advisors can be great partners when you are seeking investment advice. The problem with using advisors as a one-stop shop is that their business model is most likely designed to funnel you towards the products they sell (stocks, bonds, insurance, etc). That's great if that's what you're after, but paper assets are most likely not your only concern when it comes to money. The only product that I sell is my ability to mentor you, so I can personalize my advice to your particular situation, needs, and values. If you find yourself saying any of the following, a financial coach would probably be a better fit for you than an advisor:

  • Stocks? LOL. I'd have to have money in my bank account first.
  • Do I really want to put all of my savings in paper assets? I'm not sure. Real estate & business entrepreneurship might be of interest to me as well.
  • I'm really into this financial independence concept and would like someone to walk me through what that could look like for me.
  • I'm transitioning to a new stage in life & I feel like my money habits should transition with me. What's next?
  • Our marriage was so much better when we didn't have all of these money stressors in our life. Where did things get mucked up?
  • I'm just not confident when it comes to money. I know it's a weakness and I'm starting to see what kind of an effect it's having on the rest of my life, but who do I go to for help?

Money is the root of all evil. Didn't you get the memo?

Apparently not. I used to somewhat subscribe to this line of thinking. But consider this before passing judgement. You spend all day at work to earn money that you immediately spend so that you don't have the stinch of money in your bank account. Why not have money in your bank account so that you don't have the stinch of a life spent doing work that you aren't passionate about? This pursuit is not only reserved for the rich. If your values are not centered on money, great. Then let's develop a plan that aligns your spending with your value!. Besides, the scripture reads "the LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evil". Love life, not money.

I'm drowning in debt. How do you expect me to pay for your services?

In most instances, affordability isn't the issue. Typically it's desire. Biting the bullet and killing the debt monster isn't easy. You probably need help. This needs to be a top priority. Once you've taken that leap, the return on investment of my services will become clear.

I'm not in debt and I'm saving for retirement up to my company's match. Why would I need mentoring?

You've got the right mindset! You're thinking about your future. This was where I was at in life for a long time. I look back now, and I see the mistakes. Saving for retirement at 65 is critically important, but it's not exactly awe-inspiring. If you do extraordinary things with your money now, you can live an extraordinary life tommorow. This is why my business is called Ignite the Fire Financial Mentoring. If you can shift your mindset to align your money with your values, extraordinary things become possible.

Are you hiring?

This is currently a side business for me. As such, I don't have the resources to hire paid employees. I am developing an internship program for college students that want to gain experience in a startup and would like to receive free mentoring after graduating. I'll have more information soon, but you can find my contact information here if you want to get in touch with me.