Young Professionals


You've just entered the work force.  Real money is actually funneling into your bank account.  What's your next move?  Plenty of businesses want to lend you money so that you can experience their fleeting version of happiness.  Maybe you've already taken them up on their offer.  It's make or break time.  Let me help you develop a plan towards freedom.

Common Topics for Mentoring

  • Debt Reduction

  • Student Loans

  • Value-Based Budgeting

  • Career Planning

  • Savings Strategies

  • Developing a Freedom Plan

  • Side Hustles

Let's Work Together

Lit Session  What does financial freedom mean?  When you hear the term, does it sound like an impossible dream?  What would you have to sacrifice in order to make this dream a reality?  I periodically host these group sessions in order to show you just how limiting the traditional view of money can be.  You have options and it's time you learn about them.  This session is free.  Coming Soon

Ignite Session  Need someone to walk with you on this journey towards freedom?  It's hard to break old habits and mindsets.  It takes patience and encouragement.  My passion is working with individuals (and couples) to achieve their dreams.  Whether you're drowning in debt with no end in sight or just need a little coaching to answer a few burning questions and develop a freedom plan, I'd be happy to guide that journey.  Learn a bunch more about my 1:1 coaching services here.